5 Fall ’23 Handbag Trends From Runway to Retail


To get a handle on the most fashionable bag trends of the fall season, look no further than the Fall 2023 Ready To Wear runway. Following the lead of designers like Hermès, Loewe and Dior, this season’s definitive handbag trends have ’90s influence written all over them. The ever-enduring quiet luxury trend has seeped into autumnal bag styles, with more interest in playing with surprising shapes and textures.

Designers lead the way on high-fashion handbags, but these styles have already trickled down into retail stores at a less expensive price point. Although these handbags were designed to complement this season’s trends, their classic appeal makes them a good investment piece for seasons to come.

Bring On the Bucket Bags

Hermès Fall/Winter 2023

According to the Fall ’23 Ready To Wear runway, pail-shaped bags are all the rage this season. Bucket bag silhouettes can range from rigidly structured to relaxingly slouchy. Each style is trendy in its own right, and everyone from Hermès to Anthropologie is obsessed with new variations of this tried-and-true handbag style.

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Exotically Embossed

Bottega Veneta Fall ’23 Ready To Wear

Elegant faux-crocodile bags have made a significant splash in fall trends. The glossy reptile texture was featured in fall collections by Bottega Veneta, Ferragamo and many more. Its luxurious appeal makes it a fashion-forward staple that takes minimal effort to style.

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Chain Link Love

Loewe Fall ’23 Ready To Wear

Chain link bags were involved in several memorable fall runway collections. Designers like Loewe and Louis Vuitton seemed to have fun finding new ways to incorporate the metallic hardware. Whether chunky or dainty, chain links will bring chic adornment to handbags this fall.

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Crisp Apple Red

Fendi Fall ’23 Ready To Wear

Ranging from fiery vermilion to moody burgundy, red handbags were a standout piece from fall collections by Gucci and Fendi. While red has always been an essential color for autumnal palettes, it appears to be more prominent than ever and will dominate this season’s handbag hues.

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Geometric Top-Handle Bags

Christian Dior Fall ’23 Ready To Wear

This trend likens itself to a miniature version of a briefcase, exuding professionalism and expressing a put-together attitude. Geometric top-handle bags were especially popular in Prada and Christian Dior fall collections. The simple, clean lines reveal a hint of ’90s minimalism, which reigns as a leading trend this season.

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