Be a Godfather at Omelette Parlor


900 E. Fillmore St., 633-7770,


I’m a sucker for the kind of quaint, homey vibe this Springs standby has going on inside.

Even stopping in to pick up brunch here makes things feel a little sunnier, though I’m sure that on a typical service day patrons can’t hear Wu-Tang Clan faintly echoing from the kitchen (never a problem).

The Godfather Omelette shows that this spot takes its namesake dish seriously. The egg comes fluffy and light-textured, but cohesive. It holds together, yet cuts like a cloud, holding on to a filling of bell peppers, onions and Italian sausage crumbles.

While we can’t make out herbs and spices in the mild sausage, we do thoroughly enjoy the sweet, tangy marinara sauce and melted cheese atop the omelette, which goes beautifully with its filling.

Side potatoes land in big, bias-cut slices, crisp and lovely. They also form the base for the Green Chili Skillet, where they’re cooked to a darker brown to stand up to a tomato-flecked pork green chile, melty cheddar shreds and the yolk from two eggs we order over easy. My personal bias against tomatoes in green chile aside, its rich warmth and mild-to-medium pepper heat warms the soul.