Blame them all and take their guns?


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Gee—looks like Trump wins another Democrat (hate America/racist behind every tree ) debate. Please continue on with this line of thinking dear Dems.——I support your tactics 100%.
Remember how they preached to us that ; we can’t hold all Muslims responsible for the the actions of a few bad one’s?
I guess that philosophy doesn’t apply to legal, law abiding gun owners —does it ? Blame them all and take their guns!
Excuse me, they call it a ‘Buy Back’, even though I’ve never purchased a single fire arm from the U. S. government in the first place ! Full disclosure : they did give me a couple for free in Viet Nam to use. I think the Buy Back scheme looks more like ‘dressed up’ Confiscation.
I bought my first firearm and ammo when I was 14 years old with my paper route money , and many boys my age did the same. No questions asked and no paper work involved . Our dads taught us gun safety and how to use them. In high school we had rifle clubs and competition shooting between other High Schools and no one got shot even though the guns were kept in lockers all day. Maybe would be wise to compare and contrast that era with today’s era when searching for answers to mass shootings . Many of the differences are obvious but I don’t think many ‘can’t acknowledge or handle the simple truths.
Its far easier to blame objects then delve into and confront the modern lifestyle morms and accepted belief systems.

Len Bentley
Colorado Springs