Community members find walk-in appointments at community vaccination sites helpful


DENVER — On Friday, the City and County of Denver announced community members would no longer need an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at one of its five community vaccination centers.

Those five sites are located at the following:

  • Barnum Recreation Center – 360 Hooker St.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation center – 2650 E. 49th Ave.
  • Swansea Recreation Center – 2650 E. 49th Ave.
  • John F. Kennedy High School – 2855 S. Lamar St.
  • Montbello High School – 14274 E. 51st Ave.

It’s a strategy Erin Brown, the Chief Equity Officer for the City and County of Denver, hopes entices more people to get a shot.

“We wanted to ensure that residents, regardless of where they lived, what hours they worked, that they had easy access. So it’s really about removing those barriers, and that there’s easy access no matter where you live in our city, no matter the neighborhood, that you have access to a vaccine,” she said.

Brown added the goal behind is to make these vaccination sites as accessible as possible.

“We don’t want you to feel like you have to have an appointment, rearrange your day to get vaccinated,” she said.

Organizers at the Barnum Rec Center said on Sunday the majority of those they vaccinated were walk-ins.

Maria Andres Juan was one of the many who finally had a free day to go get a shot. She told Denver7 she hadn’t been able to find or make an appointment anywhere else, so when she heard the nearby recreation center was giving them out without the need for an appointment she went by.

Brown said she hopes the now walk-in sites also serve the opportunity to answer any questions community members might have about COVID-19 vaccines.

“Once you get there, we have wonderful health volunteers and nurses on site that can really tell you about the vaccine. So if you have any of those concerns or fears or questions, what is it going to feel like? How am I going to feel afterwards? Folks are there to coach you through it, around what it’s going to feel like and what vaccine is available at sites,” she said.

She told Denver7 each site has between 250 and 300 vaccines to administer a day.

The five sites do vary on what days and times they’re open. You can call 720-865-3005 for information on what site you can go to.

You can get more information on these sites and vaccines in Denver, here.