Cool cocktails at military-themed 1350 Distilling

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  • Matthew Schniper

Count the stripes and stars on the U.S. flag to understand 1350 Distilling’s name. A military theme pervades with spirit names like Blue Jacket Rum, Minuteman Vodka and Guardian Bourbon. (Look for a gin soon.)

Our super friendly bartenders give us sips of each upon sitting, explaining the recipes — the rum from flavor-defining Louisiana molasses plus Colorado-grown sugar beets; the vodka also from beets; the three-year barrel aged bourbon from 99-percent corn, procured from a distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and proofed on-site, with tannins added too.

We notice an overreliance on mint simple syrup as a cocktail ingredient, making for a much less diverse menu than possible, but we don’t mind its contribution to the fine Piñon Canyon Cooler, into which we sub Minuteman aged on blueberries and plums for pleasant tartness. Lemon-limeade adds citrus bite and sweetness continues with muddled blueberries; rosemary garnish adds lovely aroma.

The Medic infuses Minuteman with chiles and pineapple for a Bloody Mary with a little kick and sweet offset. And the AWOL Martini mixes the Guardian and Pikes Peak Lemonade Company peach lemonade for a very Southern approach to bourbon, punctuated by cherry bitters to seemingly nod at a Manhattan. We will happily return — Fridays through Sundays only, when you’ll also catch food truck service. 

1350 Distilling

520 E. Pikes Peak Ave.


Colorado Springs, CO