Coronavirus in Colorado: Live updates – State gets ‘A’ rating in pandemic response; grocers to limit meat sales


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– Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is doing a great job responding to the coronavirus, according to experts you couldn’t exactly describe as liberal boosters, writes Colorado Politics’ senior politics reporter Joey Bunch.

The state got an A rating from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, according to editorial Monday in the Wall Street Journal. Full story here.

– Colorado Springs superstores have started limiting purchases of meat products amid the closing of several large meat facilities around the country. Read more here.

– Two flyover events are scheduled to take place Wednesday from Colorado’s military community. Members of the Colorado Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve are scheduled to flyover several Colorado communities Wednesday afternoon to salute healthcare workers fighting on the front lines against COVID-19. Read more here.

– Colorado is “moving in the right direction,” with the daily growth rate of coronavirus cases in Colorado at 1.4% as of Sunday, and the daily growth rate of hospitalizations at .1%, Gov. Jared Polis said at a Monday press conference. Read more here.

Updated numbers of the coronavirus in Colorado:

Note: Data represents results as of Sunday, May 3.

-16,907 cases throughout the state, including 1,005 in El Paso County

-2,838 hospitalizations

-56 counties

-83,266 people tested

-851 deaths, including 76 deaths in El Paso County

-163 outbreaks

– Polis: Restaurants need to know about a week before they open, and we don’t have a date yet because we need more data, Polis said, later hypothetically mentioning late May or June 1.

“There’s going to be a day in the distant future when we can all be together again,” he said. Read more from Polis’ press conference here.

– With goggles strapped to her face, gloves covering her hands, a mask over her mouth and a long blue gown draped over her body, Juliet Draper looks more like a surgeon than a firefighter. The safety gear the 23-year Colorado Springs fire captain wears has become mandatory for all Colorado Springs Fire Department staff when responding to medical calls to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Full story here.

– Stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic have caused business at Colorado Springs video email provider BombBomb to explode — and the company is giving back to the community as a result. Read more here.

– Carnival Cruise Line announced Monday it will start cruising again, from Florida and Texas, beginning in August. These Caribbean trips will be the company’s first new itineraries since the coronavirus pandemic forced a near-total pause in the global cruise industry. Read more here.

– Colorado has received a second self-contained, mobile unit that will decontaminate N95 respirators during the pandemic. Read more here.

– Gov. Jared Polis will update Coloradans today on the state’s coronavirus response at a press conference at the state Capitol in Denver. The conference, slated to begin at 1:30 p.m., will be streamed live on the governor’s Facebook page. The Gazette will cover it live here.

– Denver International Airport will require all visitors and passengers to wear face coverings while at the airport beginning Wednesday. Read more here.

– The NFL’s 2020 schedule will not include international games due to the coronavirus pandemic, the league announced Monday. That means the Broncos-Falcons game will be played in Atlanta instead of London. Read more here.

– Bradley Bunn, a 53-year-old resident of Loveland, was arrested Friday when FBI and ATF agents served search warrants and found four pipe bombs and potential pipe bomb components in his house, ABC News reports. An official told ABC News that Bunn was “helping organize an armed protest demanding the state lift its coronavirus restrictions.”

– As the coronavirus continues to infect people across Britain in what will likely turn out to be Europe’s worst outbreak, the government has come under criticism from scientists, who say it has neglected the fundamentals of epidemic control. Read more here.

– The owner of J.Crew is filing for bankruptcy protection, the first major retailer to do so since the pandemic forced most stores in the United States to close. More retail bankruptcies are expected in coming weeks with thousands of stores still shuttered, though states have begun a staggered restart of their economies. Read more here.

New York Times: “As President Trump presses for states to reopen their economies, his administration is privately projecting a steady rise in the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus over the next several weeks, reaching about 3,000 daily deaths on June 1, according to an internal document obtained by The New York Times, nearly double from the current level of about 1,750.”

– Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee George Hart, owner of six Colorado Springs locations, is delivering more than 152 dozen doughnuts to local hospitals, clinics and other medical organizations over the next week, Dunkin’ announced Monday.

– While millions of U.S. workers have already received a quick relief payment from the federal treasury through direct deposit, millions of others without traditional bank accounts must wait weeks for paper checks. When the checks finally arrive, this disproportionately black and Hispanic population often has little choice but to use expensive check-cashing services to access the money. Read more here.

– As governments race to develop mobile tracing apps to help contain infections, attention is turning to how officials will ensure users’ privacy. The debate is especially urgent in Europe, which has been one of the hardest-hit regions in the world, with nearly 140,000 people killed by COVID-19. Read more here.

– Millions of people were allowed to return to work in Italy Monday as Europe’s longest lockdown started to ease, while countries from Iceland to India took a patchwork of steps to loosen coronavirus restrictions. Read more here.

– World leaders on Monday began pledging billions of euros for research into a vaccine against the new coronavirus, but warned that it is just the start of an effort that must be sustained over time to beat the disease. Read more here.

– The global economy is in shambles, the coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 237,000 worldwide and 30 million Americans have lost their jobs as collateral damage in the fight against COVID-19, with the tallies all rising by the day. Yet, the U.S stock market just rocketed to its best month in a generation. Read more here.

– A retired Colorado paramedic who died from coronavirus after volunteering to help combat the pandemic in New York City was being honored Sunday as his body was returned to Denver. Read more here.

– ‘Stay-at-home’ order helped Colorado avoid catastrophe, medical experts say. Read more here.

– Coping with coronavirus around Colorado | COVID-19 adding new layer of concern for police. Read more here.

– Colorado Springs-area school districts are partnering to offer free breakfast and lunch to children, regardless of which district they attend, during extended school closures. Find more information and a map here. 



– Intelligence documents show U.S. officials believe China’s leadership intentionally concealed the severity of the coronavirus outbreak and how contagious it is to stock up on medical supplies needed to respond to it.

– One new death and six new infections have been reported in El Paso County overnight as the state added 410 new COVID-19 cases Sunday.

– With school off and society isolated behind closed doors as part of sweeping efforts to slow the coronavirus curve, many are worried that a steep drop in the number of calls to child abuse hotlines is the opposite of good news. Read more here

Here are he latest numbers:

-16,635 cases in CO, including 994 in El Paso County 

-2,799 (+6) hospitalized

-81,352 tested

-842 (+10) deaths, including 75 in El Paso County 

-163 outbreaks



– There are now 1,132,315 coronavirus cases in the U.S and 66,364 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

– Inmate at Colorado’s largest prison dies after experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Full story here.

– There are now 1,127,712 coronavirus cases in the U.S and 66,075 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

– Hospitalizations stay flat in Colo. while total reported deaths rise slightly. The latest COVID-19 data in Colo. provided little argument for or against a reduction of social distancing. For the second consecutive day, the number of Coloradans hospitalized with symptoms from the virus remained at 737, well within the ability of the state’s hospitals to provide rooms and advanced equipment, like ventilators, according to Colorado Public Radio.

– FDA fast-tracks Remdesivir, a drug used to treat Ebola, to use for coronavirus, according to CNN. The drug helps patients recover more quickly. Patients who received Remdesivir spent less time in hospital than placebo group, from 14 to 11 days.

– There are now 1,126,519 coronavirus cases in the U.S and 66,051 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

The latest coronavirus numbers in Colorado (Updated on May 2):

– 16,225 cases, including 964 in El Paso County

– 2,793 hospitalizations

– 56 counties

– 78,179 people tested

– 832 deaths, including 71 in El Paso County

– 163 outbreaks

– The county will the most COVID-19 deaths is Denver at 163 followed by Arapahoe with 152. El Paso County has 71 deaths. Check here daily after 4 p.m. for statistics updates.

– There are now 1,126,021 coronavirus cases in the U.S and 66,045 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

– The city-sponsored bike share program in Colorado Springs is offering unlimited free rides according to Colorado Public Radio. Rides are free for up to 30 minutes. Those interested need to download a smartphone app to try it out.

– COVID-19 slams into Colorado’s prison system, with Sterling facility state’s largest outbreak. Read the full story here.

– There are now 1,121,414 coronavirus cases in the U.S and 65,645 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

– The county will the most COVID-19 cases is Denver at 3,092 followed by Arapahoe with 2,557. El Paso County has 964 cases. Check here daily after 4 p.m. for statistics updates.

– Testing at the Veteran’s Community Living Center at Fitzsimons in Aurora found nine staff and 23 residents have tested positive for coronavirus, three dead, according to Colorado Public Radio.

– Coping with coronavirus around Colorado | ‘Learning curve’ for fire captain. Full story here.

– Everyone has figured out by now that a pandemic causes stress. But people do not have to be diagnosed with a behavioral health condition to need help or receive it. Read more here.

– Gov. Polis ends April with flurry of executive orders on budget, evictions in Colorado. Read more here

– Supporters of essential workers and “new normal” will rally at the Colorado state Capitol at 1 p.m. Saturday, “demonstrating from the safety of our cars.” Read more here.

– Face-mask wearing in Denver will be required, enforcement coming. Read more here.

– There are now 1,102,703 coronavirus cases and 64,789 deaths in the U.S. according to Johns Hopkins University.

– Gov. Polis outlined a plan to rapidly cut the state budget by $228.7 million dollars over the next two months.



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