Discover Perpetual Motion at geeky-good Inertia Coffee

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  • Griffin Swartzell

Inertia Coffee, 406 S. Eighth St., Unit B, 428-1901,

Inertia Coffee continues to be the kind of shop that mixes the science and pop-culture-addict facets of being a gigantic nerd with well-made drinks, from roast to proportions to service.

I peruse a small selection of stickers, mostly Rick & Morty, while I wait for our Perpetual Motion to spin up. The name fits; it contains four shots of espresso made from Brazilian beans — their darkest roast.

Those shots meet white chocolate, Irish cream syrup and a 50-50 mix of milk and cream in a breve. In concept, this looks like it’s going to be a joke drink for the caffeine-dependent to get their fix, but I can’t evaluate the humor while I’m vibrating so hard I’m going to deconstruct my chair. Glibness aside, this drink’s intelligently designed.

The coffee leads, but the sweetness of the Irish cream and white chocolate along with the upped fattiness of the milk-cream mix mutes any harsh and bitter flavors.