Dispensary Do’s and Don’ts

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  • Jessica Kuhn

Cannabis dispensaries, both recreational and medical, have been labeled essential businesses by the state and are allowed to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Can I get a hallelujah? Because I personally would be losing my mind right now without cannabis to help relieve some stress. I had to restock recently, which can be a confusing process for people during these strange times. So here are my recommendations for picking up your pot while social distancing:

Do check out the dispensary’s current shopping practices on their website before leaving the house.

Do place your order online if the dispensary offers that service. Limit your time out of the house, as well as your interaction with people, when possible.

Do wear some sort of facial protection like our governor has recommended. ColoradoMaskProject.com offers DIY ideas.

Do check out the current foot traffic at the dispensary on Google to avoid going when there are a lot of other shoppers. Just search the dispensary’s name on Google and under the dispensary’s hours are its busiest times.

Do sign up for the dispensary’s rewards program if they have one. I’ve left with basically a free ounce before using my accrued points.


Don’t expect to perform the smell test when buying your flower. It’s my favorite method as well, but not worth jeopardizing people’s health.

Don’t be rude to budtenders if they run into hiccups while getting your goods using what is likely a new process. These employees probably never expected to be considered essential during a nationwide shutdown and are dealing with the same emotional stress this situation is inflicting on all of us.

Don’t forget your ID. Though the world seems like a completely different place at the moment, rules are still rules.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the hand sanitizer most dispensaries have available on your way out. And wash your hands when you get home.

Don’t expect the same shopping experience you had before the COVID-19 pandemic. Be quick and have an idea of what you want before heading in. Most dispensaries have their menus on their websites or on apps like Weedmaps. 

Social distancing for stoners

Social distancing for stoners

By Jessica Kuhn

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