Donations help military family after moving truck was stolen


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BENNETT, Colo. — The generosity of Coloradans helped a military family as they get ready to celebrate their first Christmas in their new home.

The Salas family moved from Virgina to Colorado in May but their moving truck was stolen while it was parked outside a Denver-area hotel. The truck was later recovered but many of their belongings were missing.

Denver7 Gives set up an account in the family’s name and donations started pouring in to help them rebuild their lives. Over the summer, Denver7 used those donations to take the Salas family on a shopping spree where they were able to buy new camping gear, furniture and other household items.

“The generosity of Colorado has been spectacular in getting us back on our feet,” said Evan Salas.

Months later, Evan Salas said their house finally feels like a home. The furniture was delivered and his wife, Stacey, has been hanging up family photos throughout the house. They recently purchased and decorated a new Christmas tree.

“Just getting kind cards in the mail from people that saw the news story just means everything on a hard day — to be able to know that we’re not alone, definitely something to be thankful for,” said Stacey Salas.

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The family also received help from interior designer and Air Force veteran Trish Bonney, who offered her services for free. She worked with the couple and their three daughters to design special rooms for the girls.

“She was amazing, really thoughtful with the girls, she let them pick out fabrics and had custom bedding made for them,” said Stacey Salas.