Dosi-Mints proves more balanced than other inbred strains

click to enlarge Given all the strains in its lineage, Dosi-Mints maybe shouldn't work as well as it does. - BRANDON SODERBERG

  • Brandon Soderberg
  • Given all the strains in its lineage, Dosi-Mints maybe shouldn’t work as well as it does.

What’s behind Girl Scout Cookies’ continued ascent? Is Big Girl Scout Cookie a thing? Like some stentorian lobbyist in a suit somewhere sitting  in a smoke-filled room meeting with a bunch of other men in suits and some Reptilians deciding GSC is the One? There doesn’t seem to be an end to GSC’s proliferation; it’s just kind of everywhere these days, the same way we all seemingly woke up in like, 2017 or so wanting to inhale can after can of La Croix. Something is possibly behind this, is all I’m saying. I mean, cannabis is a market and we should wonder aloud every once in a while what forces might be boosting certain strains. Though, hey, maybe it’s as simple as GSC is a dependable, knock-you-on-your-ass strain and Blue Dream has lost its cachet.

Still, just consider the stringy genetics of Dosi-Mints, which mixes Do-Si-Dos and Sin Mints, two Girl Scout Cookies derivatives. And that’s only the beginning here. See, Do-Si-Dos combines Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG (which is different from Scooby Snacks, which combines Face Off OG and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, which mixes OG Kush and Durban Poison) and Sin Mints combines Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power (which features Blue Moonshine, Master Kush, The White and Sour Double in its genes).

At what point is strengthening these strains adding more nuance to a favorite such as Girl Scout Cookies? And at what point are strains inbreeding like they’re the Hapsburgs or something, anything that makes it strong or useful slowly slipping away? It’s hard to tell. I am reminded of that episode of 30 Rock where Paul Reubens plays Prince Gerhardt Hapsburg, the end of the Hapsburg dynasty, and he’s so pale he’s translucent and in a wheelchair and his legs are puppet-like and he has one plastic hand and he sort of looks like the Big Pharma shitlord currently doing seven years in federal prison, Martin Shkreli?

The point is, the weed equivalent of that sort of thing — something hobbled by inbreeding — well, it still might be your bag when you smoke it up. And what all the inbreeding here does do for Dosi-Mints is reset the annoying Indica/Sativa split of Sin Mints, which made it feel like, as I said in a Sin Mints review, “a frustrating mix of a whole lot.”

Dosi-Mints is more streamlined in its strength. It arrives, doesn’t dart all around, and stays put (especially around your eyes). And then it seems like the room gets warmer and goes soft-focus and ordered — psychedelia as seen through Pantone Matching System. At the same time, when you’re smoking it feels fresh, light. A mint taste really reverberates when you’re smoking it from a joint. Its smell is blueberry and coffee, and even its look — a downy, green-and-white bud — connotes “refreshing.” Dosi-Mints is a salad to Sin Mints’ rummy, messy, Rochester Garbage Plate.

Strength: 8

Nose: Blueberry soap

Euphoria: 8

Existential dread: 6

Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 6

Drink pairing: Brandy

Music pairing: Gang Starr, One of the Best Yet

Rating: 8