Face Vocal Band Wants to Hear Your Voice in their Virtual Choir


The COVID-19 pandemic has engendered an era of lost opportunities. Though losing chances to achieve greatness through sporting events, weddings, concerts and more is certainly preferable to losing lives, this deprivation does take its toll on the psyche, and it’s okay to take some time to mourn coronavirus-related wreckage.

Then, of course, it’s time to act and rally the community you influence. At least, that’s how the Face Vocal Band has responded in light of cancellations due to COVID-19. Few acts lost an opportunity as prestigious as that which was promised to Face. The singing group was set to give their debut performance at New York City’s venerable Carnegie Hall on March 29 alongside a 100-person choir made up by students of their flagship music school, Face Academy of Music. Unfortunately yet understandably, the event was canceled.

Face didn’t dwell on the dismal state of affairs for long. Barely skipping a beat, the Colorado-based vocal band began work on a creating a digitally hosted mass choir performance. They’re enlisting fans and the general public to help contribute to a virtual rendition of “From Now On” from the 2018 box office hit, The Greatest Showman.

People who wish to let their voices ring are encouraged to submit a horizontal video in a quiet, well-lit room of them singing an arrangement of the song provided by Face themselves. The band uploaded videos of the soprano, alto, baritone and popchoir parts for people to practice with and sing along to their website. Find these resources, along with sheet music, here. You can also the introductory video below.

Face would also love to feature participants who don’t wish to sing as part of the choir. Fans and the general public can submit 15-second homemade videos holding handmade signs, positive messages, smiles, or whatever they would like to showcase.

“We have never really seen ourselves as stars but more facilitators of what our supporters show up looking for every time we play: community and joy,” said band member Cody Qualls in a press release. “Face isn’t five guys on stage — Face is every member of the crowd — every spirit we’ve encountered on our unexpected path — our families, friends and fans. If we are in the spotlight, it is only because we stand upon the shoulders of our tribe. We are but the ‘Face’ of an incredible and wonderful community of all types.”

For more information on how to get involved with the Face Vocal Band’s virtual choir, check out their website. Submissions are open until Monday, April 13.