Finding a Denver Apartment During COVID-19


During this unpredictable time, some tasks—like finding a Denver apartment—might seem
impossible. How do you lease a new place without the ability to drive around town, tour units,
and sit in a leasing office? Is there someone out there who can actually help me make a good
decision on where to live? Luckily both of these questions are solved by a local Denver startup, AptAmigo. AptAmigo’s technology and team of experts can help you find an incredible deal on a
new apartment from the comfort of your couch. (Side note: they’re hiring!)

Although their five-star service usually includes in-person tours, AptAmigo is exclusively offering
virtual tours to help renters search safely during COVID-19. With this service, Denver renters
can now search, tour, and choose a new apartment all from the safety of their phone or
computer. The best part? Their service is 100% free.

How To Find an Apartment in Denver
When You Can’t See It In-Person

If you think that it is not possible to sign a lease without physically touring an apartment, think
again! AptAmigo has actually been helping Denverites do it for years. They are called “site-
unseen” tours, and are usually reserved for people moving to Denver from another state.
However, with COVID-19 causing leasing offices to prohibit in-person viewings, site-unseen
tours have now become a necessity.

With site-unseen tours, you get one-on-one support from an apartment expert who knows every
building in Denver and will help you narrow down options. Want a walk-in closet? Need a dog
run? Love hardwood floors and big windows? AptAmigo’s team of experts can help you find it.
Committing to an apartment for the next year is a big decision. So even if you have to sign a
lease site-unseen, you still want to see the unit you’ll be living in. For this, AptAmigo leverages
its team’s expertise, robust library of amenity and unit videos, and FaceTime tours with on-site
leasing teams.

It Helps To Have an Entire Team On Your Side

Having an entire team of experts focused on helping you find an apartment remotely saves time,
stress, and money. Photos and floorplans are great (and available on their website!), but their
team of Denver apartment locators can provide more information about the things that truly
matter. Things like soundproofing, pros and cons, rent specials that can save you thousands,
and other details that can be difficult to find online.

AptAmigo has built an entirely new way to find apartments. By utilizing their proprietary
technology, renter reviews, and a full team with insider knowledge working behind the scenes,
they are able to help clients find apartments quickly and efficiently.

Having a team of local experts has allowed AptAmigo to deliver consistent, five-star experiences
over and over again, especially for renters searching remotely. Here’s what Ben H. said about
his recent experience: “Sean from AptAmigo was incredible! I am moving to Denver site-unseen
and he got videos for me so I could see apartments remotely. Ended up finding an incredible
deal on an apartment less than half a mile away from where I work. Never hunting for an
apartment by myself again!”

Check out more of their Google reviews to see what past clients had to say.

How It Works

The process is easy and convenient. All you have to do is visit their website ( and
submit an inquiry. Then, an agent will contact you ASAP for a quick phone consultation. During
this call, your agent will take the time to get to know you and your specific apartment needs.
You’ll have a chance to explain what you’re looking for, inform them of special requirements,
and ask any questions you might have.

After the intro call, your agent will use AptAmigo’s proprietary website and search engine to
compile a list of options based on your criteria. When they’re finished with your personalized list,
they’ll send it to you and help you narrow it down to your favorites.

Once you feel confident about your list, it gets sent to AptAmigo’s Operations team, who will
coordinate all the viewings. On a normal, non-COVID-19 tour, they map out a route and
schedule a full day of in-person tours for you. However, during COVID-19, they use their internal
database and coordinate with each building’s leasing staff to acquire videos and photos of the
units you are interested in.

You can expect to receive a tidy bundle of photos, videos, price sheets, notes from leasing staff,
and anything else you need to make a confident decision. All you have to do is pick your

How to Get Started

By adapting to the circumstances of COVID-19, we can all work together to keep our
communities safe. Although it may seem daunting to rent without touring in-person, the
AptAmigo team hopes to make it a little bit easier to find your dream apartment from the comfort

and safety of your own home. They have helped thousands of people find apartments
(sometimes even from across the country) and can help you find yours too. If you have any
questions, comments, or would like to get started on your free apartment hunt, please reach out
to them and one of their helpful experts will be in touch shortly.