Get a rockin’ reuben and beer from the “World’s oldest brewery” at Edelweiss

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  • Matthew Schniper

34 Ramona Ave., 633-2220,

Takeout and delivery

This beloved Springs German staple has seen a lot in its half-century in biz, but the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique challenge (to all restaurants).

Edelweiss responded deftly, creating a drive-thru window, a pared-down takeout menu, deli grab-and-go meals, and an online grocery market where customers can purchase everything from flour to meats and German rye loaves.

We call ahead for a Reuben, a side German dinner salad and a 17-ounce bottle (for only $5.50) of Weihenstephan (which claims to be the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery) Korbinian Doppelbock.

The hearty sandwich sports a thick vein of corned beef under a tangle of sauerkraut and a gooey Swiss cap, with requisite tangy dressing and lightly toasted, dense German rye bread.

The dark, reddish-brown, bready, malt-sweet, beer (a sneaky 7.4-percent ABV) pairs perfectly, playing off the rye in particular, though included dinner rolls with butter prove any bread’s a nice complement. Strong clove essence in the lightly vinegary salad, blushing purple-pink with beets and snappy with green beans and cucumber cuts, also enhances sips of the beer.

A lovely surprise: We find a rum ball in our bag, chocolatey and cakey with huge booze notes. As a show of appreciation for support during the pandemic, Edelweiss has been gifting pastries commensurate with order size. Sweet!