Guns and private jets


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Democrats think it’s “smart” to impose increasingly burdensome & stringent controls on fully legal & compliant 2nd amendment gun owners. Move to confiscate.
While in cities like New York, pass laws that let true career criminals free to roam.
Democrats think they’re “cute” when they increasingly target lesser single family homeowners, while leaving themselves exempt in gated, or exempted communities.
Democrats think they’re “clever” when they push environmental regulations that adversely effect the poorer classes, like Pueblos Energy Future, while leaving upper scale & connected democrats untouched.
You’lll travel to virtue signaling confabs & ceremonies in private jets, held at ritzy resorts, stay at the finest accommodations, no problem. No lumpin proletarians allowed. Only as underpaid help.

Yet you go all snowflakey when called on your hypocrisy. I got news for you. Democrats started all this, & you’ve brought on war. & I’m not talking George Lopez, “joke’s” war. Or Adam Schiff,. shit “parody.”

John Hughes