Help this elderly couple who lost their Denver home before Thanksgiving


DENVER —- This Thanksgiving, a Colorado family is grateful to have every chair filled at the dinner table after an early morning house fire nearly changed the course of the holiday season.

“They’ve been living in this house, I believe over 50 or 60 years,” Pete Roybal said.

Roybal is the son-in-law of Nick and Emily Menzor, an elderly couple in their eighties.

On Tuesday, the Menzor family’s half century of peace abruptly ended after a house fire broke out at the couple’s home.

“We don’t know what caused it, we suspect it may be an electrical fire,” Roybal said. “The house is old and and we have no idea. The smoke detectors went off, and they called 911. My mother-in-law got out with one tennis shoe on and the other foot — nothing. My father in law had two socks on and stumbled out the door.”

The couple raised four children in the home and had many cherished mementos inside.

“Photos of childhood, moving forward [photos of] their family, their kids, their aunts, their uncles — most of it’s lost,” Roybal said.

While questions remain about what started the blaze, Roybal said the family does have an answered prayer.

Help an elderly couple who lost their Denver home before Thanksgiving

“We’re blessed to have them here with us to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas,” he said. “Right now, we are so blessed to have them in our lives. We have hugged them, kissed them and said, ‘Thank You, Jesus.'”

For now, the couple will be staying with other family members, but Roybal said community support could help the couple find comfort in their golden years.

“Right now, my in-laws they’re in shock.” the man said.

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