Lawsuit: Johnny Hurley died because Arvada PD didn’t confront Olde Town shooter


“Good Samaritan” Johnny Hurley died needlessly last year because nearby Arvada police officers failed to confront a gunman in Olde Town Arvada, failed to verify that Hurley was a threat and an officer failed to announce himself as a police officer before shooting Hurley from behind, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed Wednesday by Hurley’s mother.

Kathleen Boleyn, sued Arvada police Chief Link Strate and former Officer Kraig Brownlow on Wednesday, filing her lawsuit a year and day after Brownlow shot and killed her son. Hurley posed no threat to the officers, the lawsuit states.

Hurley took on the job of police when they failed to act, Boleyn said. He paid for his heroism with his life.

“People have spent a year thinking it was just a sad tragedy, a mistake,” Boleyn said in an interview.

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