Nick and Nora’s is Denver’s Newest Cocktail Delivery Service


With a second round of early restaurant and bar closures underway in Denver, Nick and Nora’s cocktail delivery service offers a solution to empty bar carts and simple mixers at home.

Zach and Hayley Zielke, creators behind Nick and Nora’s, started this cocktail service at the beginning of the pandemic. While the husband and wife duo were both fortunate to maintain their day jobs as an architect and copywriter, this side hustle always intrigued them. After seeing other social media-based accounts similar in New York, they noticed that Denver was prime for a similar package.  

“We always had the idea, but both work full-time. We’ve seen the same idea in New York, but it was more like a small club. We noticed people didn’t have guidance on how to properly make and garnish drinks at home,” Zach said.

The Zielke’s started to really miss the high-quality and aromatic cocktails served in Denver during COVID-19 related closures. This kickstarted concoction research, the recreation of bar recipes at home and frankly, a lot of taste testing.

Rather than choosing a name that reflected the current pandemic, Zach chose Nick and Nora after both his favorite martini glass and an adaptation from the two fictional characters in The Thin Man.

“If we’re lucky enough to continue business past this, I don’t want to remind people of tough times with a name linking to the pandemic,” Zach said.

Photo Courtesy of Nick and Nora’s

As the service started out simply selling to friends and family, Nick and Nora’s started to receive organic customers through Instagram. Each week, the cocktail page offers four different options. From recipes that were influenced by classics or out-of-the-box combinations that simply sound palatable, the menu is crafted and posted online. Each drink is available to serve two people ($18), four people ($32) or six to eight people ($45).

Some of the more tantalizing concoctions include the #27 which is made with mezcal, apple brandy and cynar (artichoke liqueur) and the Full Sail which is made with tequila, Aperol, elderflower liqueur, lemon and bitters.

“We love really boozy drinks. But we found out that not everyone wants that. We alternate between easy-drinking cocktails and stirred drinks every week,” Zach said.

Photo Courtesy of Nick and Nora’s

Each order comes with the desired serving size and required garnishes to dress up the drink like bitters, straws, fruit slices, spices and herbal leaves. While the kit is packed with boozy necessities, the only things missing are ice and glassware. Because this is a rather small business and quite the innovative hobby for the Zielke’s, delivery and production are all done by those two alone. Though the delivery radius is open to the Denver metro area at the moment, the situation is ever-evolving. Currently, the order process is solely through Instagram direct messaging and payment is accepted through Venmo.

With winter months ahead, the bar menu is looking to host some festive seasonal cocktails and kits available to those driving home for the holidays.

So far, the couple behind Nick and Nora’s is happy with where the business is at, but with growth, they hope to one day turn it into something bigger.

“We just want to offer that full home bar experience for people that aren’t able to go out to their favorite bars right now,” Zach said.

For more information about Nick and Nora’s go here.