Nurture Wellcare Marketplace Launches Exclusive Member Clubhouses


Opened in May of 2020, Nurture has made a name for itself as Denver’s one-stop-shop for all things wellness. With over 75 providers in-house, its offerings include everything from Pilates classes t0 a hair salon, and even a Himalayan salt room. It is the home of businesses such as Nest Cafe and Gravity Haus, and includes one of the most stunning dining spaces in the city. 

“We tried to create a space that is inclusive to everyone, no matter your definition of self-care. No one can prescribe how someone needs to take care of themselves,” explained Nurture co-founder Kelly Campbell.
“This place is just for discovery… you can let the community and environment help you find that.”

Photo Courtesy of Nurture

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Above all, Nurture takes pride in the community it has cultivated. Over the last year, their staff has seen the same faces return again and again, creating a home within the stunning warehouse space. 

“We were brainstorming new ways to further cultivate our community,” explained Hanna Anderson, director of event management. “We realized that, after a year of not being able to connect with others, people are craving that in-person connection again. Last year brought up a lot of emotions that people haven’t sat with in a long time. It made people realize ‘oh I do need to work on this.’ There is now this deep desire to heal all of these wounds that we all have been living with… our programming highlights all of these things people are desiring to work on and change to have a better future, a better self.” 

Earlier this month, Nurture launched their new members-only Clubhouses — three new and unique ways to dive further into their wellness world. Their team believes this new amenity will “provide members with nourishment, social connection and rejuvenation through creating a deeper, meaningful connection to our community’s offerings and wellness services.”

The Clubhouses offer three distinct programs to its members, giving them the ability to choose between the Social Club, the Lunch Club and the Recovery Club.

Photo Courtesy of Nurture

Focused on community-based programs, the Social Club seems to be a Soho House with a wellness twist. At $65 a month, membership includes coffee networking, happy hours, mimosa brunches, as well as four wellness workshops per month. These workshops focus on all things from personal and business development to physical fitness classes and nutrition. This month, social club members can look forward to a number of events ranging from yoga classes to a healthy holiday recipe class hosted by Nurture. 

“There is such a need for the social club offerings right now,” said director of marketing Devon Klug. “Whether it’s a workshop or a specific topic, it’s all facilitating a way to get like-minded people together… it goes so far beyond small talk.” 

Photo Courtesy of Nurture

Targeted towards the Nurture regulars, the Lunch Club gives members an all access pass to Nest Cafe’s nourishing menu items for discounted prices. The $300 membership fee comes with a cafeteria style punchcard, offering 15 Nest lunches, exclusive menu items and access to Nine, its private event space. 

“Lunch club fosters that coffee shop hustle,” explained Campbell. “We support our community by providing them space to work on themselves or their business and to get their work done. The lunch club is designed for those people who are here three, four, five times a week to make nourishing themselves here financially sustainable.”

The third clubhouse option, Recovery Club, was created for those who cherish their “me” time. For $120 a month, members gain unlimited access to Nurtures Infrared Sauna and the awe-inspiring Himalayan Salt Room. Without the membership, these amenities run for $30 per session, meaning if you use them just four times a month you’ll be getting your money’s worth.  

Photo Courtesy of Nurture

While the Clubhouses were created to further expand the Nurture community, their team hopes they serve as a way for individuals to grow within themselves as well. Striving to create a diverse menu of programming, the Nurture staff hopes to guide their members to discovering new forms of self-care. 

“We are here to support people on their journeys to take care of themselves. We need that, our world needs that,” said Campbell. “I truly believe that we cannot tend to our peers or our community unless we are really taking care of ourselves… the more each person feels whole within themselves, the more they can show up for those around them.” 

Nurture is located at 2949 Federal Blvd., Denver. The Clubhouse provides three different membership options — the Social Club, the Lunch Club and the Recovery Club. To learn more about Nurture, clubhouse pricing and events, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.