Opinion: Santa says good cheer is highly contagious



‘Twas the morning of Christmas, and throughout the abode,

Every creature was sleeping, worn out from the load,

Of frantically dealing with the holiday season,

The hustle and bustle that seems to lack reason.

While I in my sweatpants and battered old T-shirt,

Got out of bed early because my poor back hurt.

I glanced ‘round the living room feeling unsteady,

I worried that somehow we still were not ready.

The tree was lit up, with some presents in place,

Yet I didn’t feel finished with the holiday race.

When out on the street there arose such a clatter,

I rushed to the window to see what was the matter.

And what to my disbelieving eyes did appear,

But good old Saint Nick driving a shiny John Deere.

The tractor was decked out in bright red and green,

With its tinsel and headlights, it made quite a scene.

The old elf jumped down, landing with a loud thud,

Looked over at me and said, “What’s up, bud?”

He said, “Why are you up so long before light?

“You don’t look particularly cheery or bright.”

“Tis true,” said I, as I wiped at my nose,

“It’s the end the year, you know how it goes.

“The outlook for 2020 makes me feel ill,

“It promises just politics and tubs full of swill.

“I’m tired of Pelosi, I’m so weary of Trump,

“The whole thing makes me feel like a grump.

“That makes it hard to be in the Christmas spirit,

“No offense, Nick, but I’m just not into it.”

“I see,” said he, as he stroked his long beard,

“There’s no denying things are sure weird,

“Worry and dread do indeed take a toll,

“So why not focus on what you can control?

“Don’t dwell on bad things and imagined dangers,

“Be helpful to your friends, family and strangers.

“Turning off Twitter, Instagram and Facebook,

“If just for a day will brighten your outlook.

“A kind word goes further than sarcasm and snark,

“It’s time to unplug and get your head out of the dark.”

Santa climbed up on his gleaming fresh ride,

And he called out as he drove out of sight,

“Spread cheer when others are being outrageous,

“You’ll find that goodwill is highly contagious.”

 (With apologies to Clement C. Moore.)

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