Planned election protests at Colorado State Capitol drew few supporters on Sunday


DENVER — Protests planned in Denver against the 2020 election results drew only a handful of people on Sunday to the Colorado State Capitol Building.

“I expected more than me, the lone wolf” said one protester said, laughing. “I don’t know what happened.”

He stood near two others visibly supporting President Trump

According to another protester, there were larger protests planned, but they failed to come to fruition after the violent insurrection at the US Capitol building on Jan. 6.

“There was an armed march set for this day at state capitols nationwide,” the protester said. “It has been determined that to come today would be unsafe.”

Capitol buildings across the country looked similar to Denver — few protesters gathered amid heightened security.

“Nobody is discussing plans because nobody is comfortable organizing anything,” one protester said. “The people that are unhappy with the election are a very fractured group, disparate group.”

Security at the Capitol in Denver was also increased on Sunday. A fence surrounding the building and police cruisers parked at the entrances made law enforcement presence clear. Security will remain heightened across the country until after Inauguration Day.