Totemic Firelight Sipper Glass (16oz)




Quench your thirst with a touch of tribal exuberance using our Totemic Firelight Sipper Glass. Perfectly sized at 16 ounces, this sipper glass is the vessel of choice for those who carry the spirit of the wilderness within them. The glass showcases an electrifying Apache-inspired motif, where the dance of orange and blue hues mirrors the dynamic flames and serene sky of a sacred bonfire. The stark, contrasting patterns resonate with the pulse of ancient drums and the whisper of the wind, bringing a sense of adventure to every gulp. Ideal for iced coffees, refreshing cocktails, or simply a revitalizing water, the Totemic Firelight Sipper Glass is a salute to the enduring strength and beauty of Native American artistry. This isn’t just a glass; it’s a piece of heritage that stands tall and proud, filled to the brim with stories as enduring as the spirits that inspired it. Made from clear tempered glass, it’s durable, sleek, and perfect for refreshing cocktails, juices, or any beverage you fancy. Choose between the classic version or opt for the version equipped with a Gasket-push Bamboo lid and Tritan plastic straw for added convenience. This sipper glass is FDA Certified, BPA Free, and Cal. Prop 65 compliant, ensuring your safety and peace of mind with every sip.

.: One size: 16oz (0.473 l)
.: Clear tempered glass construction
.: Made in the USA from globally sourced material
.: Available with or without a gasket-push bamboo lid and Tritan plastic straw
.: BPA Free
.: Please note: Hand wash only

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