Raises coming for 3 top city employees

click to enlarge City Attorney Massey: getting a big salary boost. - FILE PHOTO

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  • City Attorney Massey: getting a big salary boost.

Just in time for the holidays. Three top-ranking city employees are in line for raises when City Council takes up the pay hikes on Dec. 10.

The biggest — almost $10,000 — will go to City Attorney Wynetta Massey. She’s served in that role since April 2014 when appointed by then-Mayor Steve Bach at a salary of $192,276.

When John Suthers succeeded Bach in 2015, he kept Massey as top legal beagle, and upped her pay modestly to $196,723 in 2018. But this time, Massey will see her pay boosted by 5 percent, or $9,836 a year, to $206,650, effective Dec. 28. Massey reports to the mayor and also provides legal advice to City Council.

The agenda items background material noted that Massey’s proposed salary “is within the range established for City Attorney/Chief Legal Officer in the 2020 Salary Structure, and is below the market average reflected therein for that position.”

City Auditor Denny Nester, who’s previous salary was $171,797 will get a 1.5 percent raise, or $2,577, bringing his new pay to $174,354. He reports to Council.

Another Council appointee, Council Administrator Emily Evans, will see a 5 percent, or $4,970, pay boost to $103,584.

Nester’s and Evans’ raises also will become effective Dec. 28.