Residents fed up after hateful graffiti not removed after a week


DENVER — Residents are fed up at a Denver apartment complex after hateful graffiti was spray-painted on dozens of doors.

Mint Urban Infinity residents tell Contact Denver7 nothing has been done to remove it, and they say management has told them to not paint over it or use paint remover.

“This was on the door, and my kids just started crying,” said Michal Petterfen, who was heading home from a Hanukkah celebration last Wednesday when she saw the word “DIE” spray painted on her door.

Petterfen’s door was one of dozens that were hit by the vandal. As she walked around, it got even worse — a swastika was painted on the elevator.

“It happened on Hanukkah. It sucks. My heart dropped,” she said, “I was expecting [management] to be here the next day, painting over it.”

A week later, the hateful messages are still on the doors of several floors.

When Contact Denver7 called the front office of Mint Urban Infinity to ask what their plan for clean up is, we were hung up on. When we called a second time, we were told media requests should be emailed to the office. As of Wednesday night, we have not gotten a response yet.

Another frustrated resident shared an email with us that they say they received from management today.

“I’m so sorry that this happened and I’m super regretful that it’s affected your ability to feel stress-free in your home. We’re currently waiting for Sherwin-Williams to deliver paint for the doors so we can get this all patched up and put this behind us. It is my understanding that the perpetrator no longer has access to our property, if that helps at all,” the email reads.

Petterfen said she was told the person responsible for the graffiti was arrested. Contact Denver7 reached out to the Denver Police Department to find out more.

Mint Urban Infinity has been the focus of several Contact Denver7 investigations over the years under their previous management company, but the complex has recently come under new management. Petterfen said so far, she’s disappointed with the new company’s response to this issue.

“Take it seriously. Like, we’re Jewish. You know, the swastika hits home,” she said.

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