Send in the clown


Pollster FiveThirtyEight has an online feature called “Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump.” It’s an ever-updated tally recording each time a House or Senate member votes with or against the wishes of President Donald Trump. In this 116th Congress, which convened on Jan. 3, District 5 GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn has voted with President Trump 94.4 percent of the time.

That means voting NO on HR-823, the CORE Act, championed by Colorado’s District 2 Rep. Joe Neguse and Sen. Michael Bennet, that would protect about 400,000 acres of Colorado wildlands; voting NO on forever banning new uranium mining near the Grand Canyon; NO on banning oil and gas drilling along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts; NO on banning oil and gas drilling in areas of the Gulf of Mexico; NO on blocking the president from withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Voting in lockstep with the president means voting NO on the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019 that would offer a path to citizenship for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients (see p. 8); NO on establishing humanitarian standards for people in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection; NO on overturning Trump’s emergency declaration for border wall funding.

Lamborn voted NO on blocking the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia; NO on restoring net neutrality regulations; NO on requiring political campaigns to report offers of help from foreign governments; NO on opposing the ban on transgender people serving in the military; NO on expanding voting rights and requiring presidential candidates to disclose tax returns; NO on requiring background checks for all firearms sales.

But the impeachment inquiry has given Rep. Lamborn a special opportunity to prove that he is still, as he has always been, a dedicated party-line voter, and a guy who has Trump’s back no matter how many reprehensible acts flow from the president’s chaotic mind.

No one was surprised when Lamborn voted YES on a motion to table articles of impeachment against President Trump and NO on establishing the procedures for an impeachment inquiry.
But Lamborn is showing his own poor judgment through his sneering disdain for the impeachment process, as seen on his Twitter feed, where he’s posted a video of Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, wearing a circus ringmaster’s hat and his counsel sporting a clown nose.

“During this hearing, I expect nothing less than a circus from ringleader Schiff,” he writes, and “I am in the ‘impeachment hearing’ today so that I can hear another ‘star’ witness with no first-hand knowledge of @realDonaldTrump’s phone call with Ukraine. Dems have been trying to oust @POTUS since day one. It is time to stop this sham #ImpeachmentHoax.”

Though it’s Lamborn’s suggestion that Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, acted without the president’s knowledge in the Ukraine kerfuffle that is scary proof of Lamborn’s willingness to defend the indefensible in the name of party loyalty.

In a response to Mother Jones’ David Corn, Lamborn did his best to shield Trump: “I have some questions about what Mr. Giuliani was doing” in Ukraine, Lamborn told reporters. “That’s a side issue. That’s got nothing to do with the president.” … Lamborn suggested that Giuliani may have been “off on his own mission doing things that people didn’t know about, kind of like a loose cannon.” (See the video at

Rep. Lamborn’s slavish party loyalty, and his childish and illogical behavior during the impeachment process are damaging his reputation and harming District 5 and the state of Colorado.