SOCO Virtual Farmers Market offers shopping to directly support Colorado farmers, Ranchers and craft food producers

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“When you shop at SOCO Virtual Farmers Market [] you are buying DIRECTLY from the farms/ranchers and craft food producers… They receive 90% of that selling price. This is a reversal of the margin they can achieve compared to the latest USDA study that shows that farms on average only receive 14.6% of the selling price from traditional stores.”

That’s the vital info on SOCO VFM’s website, a smart alternative to in-person farmers markets in the era of COVID-19.

Order between noon Monday and noon Thursday for pickup on Saturdays at the Ranch Foods Direct Warehouse and Retail Store (4635 Town Center Drive).

Nearly 50 vendors are participating with products ranging from grass-fed beef to pet food, honey, tea, tamales, bread, soap and much more.

Big Red F Restaurant Group ( will follow up on its April 29 donation day by again giving out 300 packages (for a total of 600 meals) of food on Wednesday, May 13, from 1 to 3 p.m. at Jax Fish House Colorado Springs (11. S. Tejon St.).

“These meals are for anyone in need, and we’re aiming to reach our brothers and sisters in the restaurant industry that have been furloughed,” says PR & Marketing Manager Callie Sumlin.

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