Spending time together as a family in even during the toughest times


LAKEWOOD, Colo. — For some families, Thanksgiving is a harsh reminder of the difficulties in their life impeding them from celebrating the holiday together.

At New Hope Ministry, the table was set hours in advance and food ready to be served.

Gabrielle Mendez has worked with the ministry for years and says their annual Thanksgiving dinner with people in their program and their families, provides them with a boost toward recovery.

“They’re lost, they’ve hit rock bottom. Coming into this home it helps them deal with themselves as to why they got addicted to these things.”

Gabrielle Mendez joined the rehab program earlier this year and says she was dealing with a heroin and meth addiction for nine years. This is the first Thanksgiving she’s spent with her family in that time.

“It’s overwhelming, it’s the best feeling I’ve had in a long time to be sober and just to be able to see them happy and not worried about me, just being able to spend time with them it is a blessing,” she said.

Although Mendez is still in the program for another year, she says she is already looking forward to being home next Thanksgiving with family.