Summer Justice’s sound advice

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Summer Justice is a morning show host from 6 to 10 a.m. on The Alternative RXP@103.9, as well as News Director and PSA Director for both KILO 94.3 FM and KRXP 103.9 FM. She’s also a U.S. Navy Seabee veteran, and multi-instrumental musician and songwriter, born in Pueblo and raised in Colorado Springs.

Essential Saturday night listening:
I guess it depends on if I’m going out or not. If I’m going out on the town, I like to get hyped and I may even listen to the band I’m about to go see. I also love to listen to bands like PUP, The Menzingers, Piebald, Saves The Day and the like when I’m having a good time. I love some good ol’ pop-punk.

Essential Sunday morning listening: I’ve been into Soccer Mommy and Clairo lately which, if you haven’t heard of them, are just easy-listening, kick-ass chicks doing their thing. Real Estate, Kurt Vile and Matt Maeson are also go-tos for my Sunday moods … All of which are talented indy/alternative artists. Real Estate’s “Darling,” Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin” and Matt Maeson’s “Hallucinogenics” are on my playlist at the moment. All have way different feels.

First record I bought with my own money: The Sundays, Blind. I was 9 and heard them on the movie Fear. I saved enough to buy their CD, and my dad drove me to Media Play on South Academy to purchase that bad boy. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have been watching “that” scene, but my life was forever changed when I heard Harriet Wheeler’s voice; it is that of an angel, and I grew up writing music to one day be in a band like The Sundays. It never happened.

“Wish I wrote that” song: “The Good That Won’t Come Out” by Rilo Kiley. When I first heard this song, I was going through an angsty time with becoming an adult. I was realizing how things really were (bills, rent, healthcare, politics) and the subtle politicalness combined with the imagery and the guitar licks had me hooked. “It’s all the good / that won’t come out of us / and how eventually our hands will just turn to dust.” I listened to that song on repeat and to this day am not sick of it, and it’s definitely still relevant.

“Wish I could unhear that” song: This one is hard, because I truly like to find the beauty in all music. That said, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” absolutely makes me cringe, and sometimes even makes me angry! I actually had to block Mariah on social media so I don’t get targeted with the song during the holidays!

My latest online discovery: I discovered Clairo online listening to the band Wallows. (She’s featured in one of their songs.) Her voice is so smooth and I had to hear more. After listening to her online for a while, I picked up her record Immunity. It’s so well-done. I’m so glad I found her. “Bags” is the first song that got me hooked with its beat, guitar, and more notably the untuned piano in the background; it reminds me of my grandmother’s piano, which I played as a little girl.

Artist more people should know about: I feature local artists on my show every Friday. The band Belle has become one of my favorites. The songwriting is beautiful, and the singer has a beautiful and haunting voice. It’s on-par with Aaron Marsh from Copeland. Hearing Belle for the first time really took me back to Beneath Medicine Tree. Check them out; they’re so good! As far as branching out of local music, I’d say people need to know about Soccer Mommy. The song “Your Dog” has a Fleetwood Mac vibe to me (music-wise.) They’re all so young too! So talented.

Guilty pleasure: I hate saying they’re a guilty pleasure, but every time I bring up that I love Paramore, I get weird looks. I love Paramore and in particular, their latest album After Laughter. I wish it had taken off more, but people were so scared of how different it was from anything else they had ever done. My favorite song on the album is “Fake Happy”. The lyrics, “If I smile with my teeth / Bet you believe me / If I smile with my teeth I think I believe me” really resonate. I’m in the public eye now and at times, it is hard to “fake happy” when things really aren’t going that way. It’s great to be able to relate to a song.