The Coffee Cottage makes good decisions in Woodland Park

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  • Matthew Schniper

Nearing its two-year anniversary, The Coffee Cottage took over in Cafe Leo’s original location. They don’t roast, but buy organic beans from Allegro Coffee (launched in Boulder before moving to Denver after merging with Whole Foods), and stock organic syrups from a couple companies, including Oregon-based Holy Kakow.

A tiny pump each of their ginger flavor and panela sweetener (unrefined Colombian cane sugar with a strong molasses flavor) enhance my 12-ounce cappuccino that experienced barista and co-owner Andrew Naillon helps me construct after he explains the panela’s usefulness in enhancing other syrups versus tasting good standalone. I don’t usually do sweet drinks but enjoy this one as it’s moderate and non-cloying, with a nice ginger bite on the back.

Even better, he makes us a 12-ounce dirty chai with oat milk, utilizing Washington-based Black Scottie Chai concentrate, which he’s just switched over to, impressed by its potency. We are too, and it’s probably the best in memory, enjoyed with a gluten-free/vegan energy bar (peanut butter, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and much more) the Cottage buys from The Coffee Exchange in downtown C. Springs. Wise sourcing makes for a strong showing.