Trains running at reduced capacity at DIA after mechanical problem Friday morning


DENVER — A mechanical problem with the trains at the Denver International Airport has resulted in up to a one-hour delay getting from the terminal to the concourses Friday morning.

Around 12:30 a.m., a breaker trip caused four trains to lose power. The trains were filled with about 200 people at the time. They were stuck for about four minutes and nobody was injured, said DIA Public Information Office Alex Renteria.

As emergency crews responded to help, some passengers pulled the train’s emergency handles and started to exit through the train tunnels, she said.

For about an hour, emergency personnel escorted travelers through the walkways and then swept the tunnels to ensure nobody was still there.

The airport had busing operations in place to take passengers from Concourses B and C to Concourse A, where they could walk to the terminal.

Renteria said the incident caused damage to about 100 feet of the rail and crews are working to fix it.

Repairs should be completed by mid-morning, she said. Trains are currently running in reduced capacity and passengers should expect up to one-hour delays from the terminal to the concourses.

Passengers who are flying out of an A Gate should use the A-Bridge Security Checkpoint so they can walk across the bridge straight to their gate.

“This is an uncommon occurrence, and we are working with our teams to ensure we maximize our support for passengers during this time. We will have more employees onsite to support passengers and will also make overhead announcements in the terminal,” Renteria said.