Want good food? Eat at home


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My wife and I have been here almost 18 years and have come to the conclusion that if we want a excellent meal, we eat at home. The food scene in COS has degraded in our minds. Want a good steak? Whole Foods and the grill at home. Want a good hamburger? Black Angus and the grill at home. Want good chipped beef on toast with fried eggs? Definitely home.
We have a 2 meal policy when going out to eat. If the first time is palatable, we’ll go back for a second try. If the second time is bad, we don’t go back. We want to try new places, but most if not all have been a disappointment. We went to the Lazy Dog never got waited on even though waitstaff was available in the section we were seated at. We left deciding not to go back.
On thing I can say about the eating establishments in COS is, they’re consistent. Consistently inconsistent.
We were traveling in Oregon and visited the Seal Caves. I asked an employee where a good place to eat is. They said there’s a restaurant on the estuary about 5 miles down the road. We walked in and there was a man in a chefs outfit sitting at the bar and the bartender. Asked if they were open? Yes. The gentleman in the chefs outfit seated us and I asked him if he was the chef or owner. He said “Both.”
I said to him that my wife has never had Dungeness crab. He said I’ll fix you right up. He made a Dungeness crab soufflé for her that was out of this world. This was off the menu.
That has never happened in our experience in COS. I’ve asked for “off the menu” and was told “No” and “You’ll pay for it” indicating I would be charged an arm and a leg. What discussed us the most is paying good money for bad food.
We’ve eaten all over the world and COS is the worst. So, you’re right. There is a continuing degradation in the food establishments. Cracker Barrel is a five star restaurant in comparison to many eating establishment in COS. At least they’re consistent.

Gary Casimir
Colorado Springs