Westminster dog missing after owner fatally hit by car


WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Searching for Zoe is all Kayla Mumby is thinking to do right now. On Monday, her mother was hit and killed near Federal and 100th Avenue while walking Zoe to the park.

Peggy Clark, 66, was hit by a teenager while walking Zoe across Federal Boulevard. The crash was deemed an accident, and the teenager stayed on the scene until emergency crews arrived.

But Zoe has not been seen since.

“I have to find her. I have to,” Kayla Mumby said. “My body just won’t sleep. I think, ‘I have to find Zoe.'”

Mumby says she has searched through the night for several days trying to find her dog. She says Zoe was beloved by her mother.

“It’s the last thing I can do for her. The smallest thing I can do for her is to use my time to find her dog,” Mumby said. “When she saw my mom be taken away, she’s gotta be hiding and very, very scared.”

After printing more than 50 flyers, Mumby has posted them around Westminster. She has also shared her story on social media that has gone viral in her community.

missing dog zoe westminster.jpeg

“People have made flyers and sharing them people have been really great and helpful and kind,” Mumby said.

Anyone with information on where Zoe might be can call the Westminster Police Department.