Mystical Flight Women’s Athletic Shorts




Glide effortlessly into your workouts with the Mystical Flight Women’s Athletic Shorts. Adorned with an evocative pattern of azure birds in flight and intricate dream catchers, these shorts encapsulate the essence of freedom and spiritual guidance. The deep night-sky blues interlaced with vibrant cyan details make for a stunning visual that’s as captivating as it is motivational. Designed with performance and comfort in mind, the lightweight fabric and snug fit ensure maximum mobility, whether you’re running under the open sky or powering through your gym routine. Elevate your active wear with a touch of mystique and empower your movements with these enchanting shorts.

Made with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, they balance perfectly between comfy and stretchy while remaining super soft to the touch. Each pair comes with white seam color and all-over-print capability.

.: Material: 95% moisture-wicking polyester, 5% spandex
.: Brushed faux suede finish
.: White thread color
.: Printed-in size and care label
.: Skinny fit

Waist width, in 13.50 14.49 15.51 16.73 18.27 19.76
Outseam, in 12.75 13.13 13.50 13.87 14.25 14.63


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